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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Dabney Coleman
Sunday, 3rd January 1932 - Thursday, 16th May 2024 (92)
Smooth impecably turned out american actor cornering the market in shallow and/or scheming authority figures
Mark Damon
Saturday, 22nd April 1933 - Sunday, 12th May 2024 (91)
Tony McFarr
Tuesday, 12th October 1976 - Monday, 13th May 2024 (47)
David Sanborn
Monday, 30th July 1945 - Sunday, 12th May 2024 (78)
Gudrun Ure
Friday, 12th March 1926 - Tuesday, 14th May 2024 (98)
Samm-Art Williams
Sunday, 20th January 1946 - Monday, 13th May 2024 (78)