Dark Matter

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Pilot - Part 106/12/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA1010
1Pilot - Part 206/19/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA14
1Episode #1.306/26/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA7
1Episode #1.407/03/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA13
1Episode #1.507/10/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA8
1Episode #1.607/17/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA16
1Episode #1.707/24/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA8
1Episode #1.807/31/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA13
1Episode #1.908/07/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA13
1Episode #1.1008/14/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA16
1Episode #1.1108/21/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA14
1Episode #1.1208/28/201510:00 pmSyfyUSA13
2Welcome to Your New Home07/01/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA17
2Kill Them All07/08/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA16
2I've Seen the Other Side of You07/15/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA12
2We Were Family07/22/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA18
2We Voted Not to Space You07/29/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA12
2We Should Have Seen This Coming08/05/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA11
2She's One of Them Now08/12/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA15
2Stuff to Steal; People to Kill08/19/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA12
2Going Out Fighting08/26/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA13
2Take the Shot09/02/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA10
2Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance09/09/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA12
2Sometimes in Life You Don't Get to Choose09/16/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA13
2But First, We Save the Galaxy09/23/201610:00 pmSyfyUSA14